Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rolling Through Roanoke

June 22, Thursday, Rick and I had to go into Roanoke, VA for the afternoon. Roanoke has some interesting street art, public art. There are a couple pieces side by side in neon which you see better at night but not too bad by day. They are a Dr. Pepper cap and H&C coffee pot. They signs date back to 1946 and is on the historic landmarks listing. Off in the distance is the Roanoke Star high up on the hillside, it has been around since 1949.  Just below that on a wall in parking lot is Coke Cola mural.

There are interesting buildings, with trains running through the town, highways and byways near by and on weekends a farmers market in the square in town. Here are a few pictures from the rooftop of the Taubman Museum. To find out what was in the Taubman check out my art blog on Saturday at

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