Monday, June 19, 2017

GA for the Weekend

Crossing the southern region of the U.S. of A. It is very green, lots of trees along the highways. Lots of white billowing clouds and moisture.

We have passed through or stayed in N.M., TX, LA, MS, AL and spent the weekend in GA. We are 12 days into our adventure, so far, so good.

When the roads allow I have been sketching some, writing some and taking pictures through car windows. It has been harder to get photos posted and blogs written but I am trying. We have been visiting with family this weekend. Stayed with Beccy and Wayne in their new home in GA. Went down to the local square to check out the farmers market, have had dinner there one night and brunch on Saturday. Sunday we went to the Aquarium for Father's Day. Monday on the road to S.C.

Here are a few pictures from GA.


  1. The cotton boll reminds me of Alabama. There were cotton or peanut farms everywhere. One town, enterprise, has a statue of a boll Weevil in the town square.


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