Friday, June 23, 2017

Clouds - Trees - Along The Way

We are about 18 days into our cross country trip. We are on the east coast, have been for a for about a week, GA, S.C. crossed through N.C. into VA through W.V. and now MD. We will be in Maryland for a while, this week I am teaching a workshop at Common Ground on the Hill at McDaniel College, Westminster, MD. Follow by Grand Opening of our friends Eric Rice and Lori Leitzel Rice new tasting room, Willow Oaks in Middletown, MD.

As we have been driving down the road, the highways, much of the scenery looks similar. It is green with trees lining the road, big billowy clouds and for the most part blue skies. Feeling the humidity now that we are east. It has been warm some days, hotter others. I have sketch some of the trees along the way, a few clouds too. I play with my camera as we drive, or while Rick drives. Some photos turn out pretty well, others, well, nice to have that delete button.

Here are a few byway pictures can you tell which state we were going through just by these pictures?

Fredericksburg, Texas

Austin, Texas

Along the road LA

Welcome to AL

Crossing into N.C.
Middletown, Maryland 

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