Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Batty in Austin

We drove all day Saturday to arrive in Austin, TX in time for dinner and a show. We dropped into the Elephant Room for a bit of jazz. Nice way to end a long day on the road. Sunday, we took a walk over to Lady Byrd Johnson Park. The water way was filled with boats of all types and a special area just for the dogs to enjoy a swim. Enjoy a picnic lunch watching wildlife, geese, heron, egrets, and turtles. Did a little people watching too, some new to canoes ended up in the water, which on a hot, humid day did not seem to upset them as they just hung in the water and a few others joined them.

After dinner we walked back over the Congress Street bridge to watch...BATS! Who knew, we would see another bat show. After the bridge was built the bats found the construction just right for sleeping. In the evening thousands of them come flying out in swarm behavior. The bats from the Carlsbad caverns did the same flying patterns, they come out swirl in a circular pattern before starting to fly up into clusters. There are mathematical algorithms to explain some of this pattern behavior but I am not going to research that, it is interesting to watch. I never thought that in less than one weeks time I would see so many bats. And by the way, it is very hard to get a picture of bats as they fly around and out. Between the dark background from the water the bridge, the speed in which they fly and the low light from sunset not a lot of opportunities for a good close up. I did get some distant pictures which look a lot like bird murmurations.

That I kind of hope is the end to our bat stories. We ended the evening going over to "Friends" and listening to a jazz jam. Austin does have a lot of music venues to enjoy. More on music another day.

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