Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Inspiration For Art Is...

...the preparation. I research my subjects, take lots of photos to document the details, do preliminary and thumbnails sketches to work out composition. All of these before I even think about starting the actual piece of art work.

I am not a spontaneous artist. I do like the unknown that occurs with doing the semi-abstract yet realistic tree pieces. Even with these pieces, I plan what type of paper to use, some work better than others. I clear an area to work, spraying water & alcohol can ruin pastels. These pieces need time to dry before applying the trees. Even the coffee stained papers have to dry before letting me know what forms will appear.

I really try to be organized in my own chaotic way. Sometimes it takes a day of just doing paper work, filling out applications, creating photo files and noting it on calendars. Yes, more than one calendar. The on line calendar is fine for day to day but having a paper calendar with the month in front of you helps with those deadlines that are coming up way too fast.

Starting to feel a little less frazzled. I still have a couple more applications that need to be submitted. I am still preparing for June's workshop and I still have a pastel on the easel that I hope to have done this week. Along with some pencil sketches for slide presentation. I have my lists and am trying to pull things together. Soon there will be piles, things for the workshop, stack of art work for display at Rice Gallery, couple new pieces to go to Matrix Gallery in VA and some new works that will be on display in July at Willow Oaks in MD.

Just a few things going on and I am hoping my inspiration keeps coming with all this preparation!
What's on the easel this week

Waiting to be framed

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