Friday, May 5, 2017

In Art The Eyes Have It

I had planned to have a little Power Point on birds eyes yet it has somehow disappeared off my computer. I will be working on some new step by step instructional blogs soon. In June I am teaching a workshop on drawing birds. One comment I get about my work is how the eyes pull you into the piece. Eyes are important to me, especially in animals who don't have our words to tell us what they are thinking. With their eyes they can help us understand emotions.

Here are a few samples of birds eyes. If you would like more information on private lessons or workshops please check my web site or email me with questions at:

Thank you for supporting the arts. For today's Art for Sale Special check the FB page under the May Day Small Business Album.

Barn Owl pastel

Screech Owl pastel

Great Blue Heron colored pencil mixed medium

Great Horned Owl mixed medium

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