Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Art - Subject To Change

When is it done? The question many artists ask themselves. Generally, I think it is done when it is in a frame. Sometimes, it is only done when it is sold. I put works that are 99% finished on an easel and walk away from them for at least a day. The next time I see the work, it is with fresh eyes.

This is when the art is subject to change. It might need a little more contrast or maybe a highlight. Which is what I worked on sitting in the backyard with the hummingbirds. I adjust little things and hope I do not make it worse.

Once I am happy with the final piece, I might check with friends and family to get their thoughts. Than on to ordering frames. Before framing the piece I try to remember to take a good picture with my 35mm camera and not just the phone. Next if the piece has not been created for a specific show, I check to see what shows are coming up and would this piece be a possibility for that show. You never know if you will get into a show or be accepted into juried groups. A bit of good news I received notice that I have been accepted into the International Guild of Realism (IGOR). I will start submitting works to be included in these shows as soon as mid-May. Plus, there are some great opportunities coming up with the Artists For Conservation. It is becoming a very busy spring.

Here are a few before and after works of art. I think they are ready for shows and to sell.

Added weight to the bottom creates interest to the top
Too Busy

Separated the tree from the mountains

Too Crowed at the bottom

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