Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Art In Five

You can create a little drawing in 5 minutes, in 5 seconds you can do a quick study. One of the statements I heard a lot, especially while doing the public murals projects is: I can't draw a straight line. My usual response, well neither can I. Which is followed by it is rare to find straight lines in natures and most of my work is based in nature.

I talk to people of all ages about drawing. I tell them it is like anything else to be good at something you must practice. If you play a musical instrument you practice to get better, why wouldn't you do this in the visual arts? If you want to be a lawyer, you read, you study, you practice your craft. What ever your talents, to be good at them, you repeat, you learn from mistakes and you practice.  Okay off my soap box.

The whole point to this is, to improve your drawing skills, if you draw just 5 seconds to 5 minutes each day you will get better. These little drawings do not have to be pretty. They can be your morning coffee mug, the view out your window, the person sitting across from you on a bus, train, in a coffee shop, or the spring flowers. I try to always have a little sketchbook with me, I have a few that are 3X4" I have one as small as 1.5X2".

I am posting a few of my quick sketches, done of which took more than a few minutes. They are all very small sketches. The idea of the gesture drawings (scribbles) is to look at the whole form, note the large shapes, and do not worry about the details. Contour drawings deal with the outline, the edge shape, cross-contour, takes that outside line and crossing through the shape. I tend to combine the gesture and cross contour in my 5 second sketches. I look at the geometry: triangles, circles, ovals, squares or rectangles that make up a object. Once those big shapes are established, I look at light and dark areas, which develops form, dimension and details.

Give it a try, take 5 seconds each day...maybe during commercials instead of looking at your phone you try a sketch. Give it a month, let me know if you see, feel a change. Enjoy!

Five minutes at the Reid Zoo 
Five minutes flower on table at breakfast. Five second sketches dance recital.

30 to 60 second poses for drawing event at a museum.

Under 5 minutes, Rick reading.

Five seconds, big shapes, triangles in head, oval for body, and rectangle for tail.

Five minute sketch filling in the shapes, establishing some details.

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