Monday, May 1, 2017

Art for May

May 1st - #May Day but also #Small #Business Week. May Day is packed full of overlapping holidays, festivals and history. It seems to me to be appropriate that this is also Small Business Week. Why you ask??? Good question.

May 1, 1886 was the date that over 300,000 workers walk out on their jobs in over 13,000 businesses within the U.S. A. They were fighting for an 8 hour work day along with better benefits. For interesting read you might want to re-visit Upton Sinclair's The Jungle.

This date is know for political protests, labor organizing and makes sense that Small Businesses have this week to celebrate. May 1st is also filled with flowers, thoughts of spring, with a few pagan festivals of fertility, and bonfires just for good measure.

I am a very small business, a sole proprietor, which means I do it all: make the art, promote the art, frame the art and sell the art. There was a time when I did large murals and faux finish techniques, hiring other artists to assist me in these projects. This got to the point of being so large that I had to make the choice hire artists to do the work and I just run the show. That did not sound like fun, so down sizing it was, I literally eliminated my job. Not as bad as it sounds. I just chose to focus on my own art and selling what I created. I will still do commissions and the street mural projects. The street murals are a way of educating the public, interacting with kids that love art and doing a bit of PR for my own business. The business of selling art and teaching art.

This May Day Here are some sunny flowers to help you though the week! There will be more posted in an Album on FB and listing on other social media. If you would like to purchase my art just email me at or message me on FB.

Thank you for supporting Small Businesses and the arts!

"start to finish" 7X10" image matted to 11X14" mixed medium, unframed $320 framed 14X17" $420

linda hp street #mural on canvas, #Desert Ridge Marketplace


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