Friday, May 19, 2017

Art Changes

Recently I removed the Wild at heART FaceBook Group. I am down to two links on FB, one is Linda Harrison-Parsons, regular everything page with friends, family, travel, art posts and misc. The second page is one that is set up as a business type page. I have not really utilized it as a business option. Over the next few months I am going to try to make this page work as an Art Page.

If you only want to know what is going on in my art world you can follow me on this page:  My plans include: art image posts, weekly works for sale, special pop-up art sales, instructional links, blogs, slide demonstrations and of course listings of shows/workshops.

I will continue to share art works, shows and workshop information to both pages. But, I will keep the tutorials on the business page. You are always welcome to share my images and information. I do ask you respect copyright laws and do not print, for sale, my images. I prefer you not use my images for your FB page headers. Yes, these things do happen. If you like a photo I have posted and ask to use it as a reference you have a pretty good chance of me saying, of course. I just ask that I am credited for the reference. I love sharing art, talking about art and being able to continue to make art. Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you and for supporting the Arts.

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