Thursday, May 25, 2017

Art And Wine

Today, May 25th, is National Wine Day in the U.S.A. apparently there is a sister day in February called National Drink Wine Day. In celebration of this day I thought I would share this little art piece. It is titled "Pheasant Under Glass" pastel with wine stain. The idea came about from doing the coffee stained papers. When we have been out doing wine tasting there is often a bit of wine that drips. Why waste those drips, let's put them to good use. The next time we went to a tasting room I brought some of my nice Rives BFK paper and some watercolor papers. I placed them under my glass and waited. The person behind the bar was being especially careful not to drip on my paper. I told them please drip that I was an artist with a concept to use those beautiful drips. So, they, did!

To celebrate National Wine Day here is my wine inspiration.

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