Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Good Week For Art

This year has had a few challenges in getting into my studio. Sometimes you just have to take it outside the studio. I am very lucky to be able to sit in my backyard and make art. In the afternoons it is nice and shady, even light, I bring my easel or just a drawing board outback.

This week, the weather in Arizona has been exceptionally beautiful for May. I started Sunday afternoon, relaxing and working on a bird demonstration piece. Which by the way is finished. I will not post the step by steps as these drawings are reserved for the students that signed up for the class end of June at Common Ground on The Hill. I will post the finished piece. If you want to take a workshop or private lesson to improve your drawing skills, learn to draw animals or things in nature just let me know. 

I have some of the submissions done still one more piece I would like to finish to include in the last application. It was a piece I did last year, a Bobcat but I did not like the background. In addition it needed more contrast. It is back on the easel and hope to finish it this week. With a little luck I will be able to start one more demonstration piece for my workshop on drawing the whole bird sitting on a branch. That piece will be on toned paper but still with a limited color palette.

All in all, it has been a pretty productive week. I am hoping next week will bring the same level of productivity. Deadline are very near, no time to waste.

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