Monday, April 3, 2017

Drawing The Line

I love drawing, there is something about a well drawn work of art that always pulls me into the piece. This is what took me to print-making years ago, the line, the elegance of just a simple line. This weekend I have been working on a new label piece for Willow Oaks craft cider and wine. These works are done in Black & White. I start out with a line pencil drawing and then take it to pen & ink. I am using a technique called stippling, making little dots. Lots and lots of little dots. The more dots you make the darker the area becomes creating shape, form and shadows.

While making what I thought were random dots I realized I needed to be careful of the line. As, I was making my dots along the edge I could see patterns starting to form. The dots started to take on the appearance of a line. Too many dots too close together and you have a line. Even with stippling my love of the line keeps showing itself. Luckily they have these lovely white ink pens that can be used to break up some of those areas. The white ink is a bit thicker and creates it's own textural effect.

Slowly this piece is coming together. When it is done I will put together a little step by step but for now I leave you with dots.

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