Saturday, April 22, 2017

Art Naturally

Happy Earth Day! Nature speaks to me and I often talk back. I have been focused on trees this week but Earth Day is not just about trees but how we are all part of one earth. Yesterday, I went to Boyce Thompson Arboretum were I discovered a little area I had not seen. It was called Demonstration Garden.

They had developed several small garden areas with different plants in each space. There was a rose garden, not something you think about in the middle of the desert mountain region. Of course it included a Desert Garden, with native plants and trees. The birds and lizards loved these gardens. The hummingbirds were busy courting, and building nests. This seemed late in the season, it is higher elevation with cooler temperatures. I must say it made my day.

I continued my week of painting trees. Found a nice spot with some shade. I wanted to see how a square format would work for the tree pieces. It is not finished yet so will have to post that picture later.

During the week I have been working on a long format Aspen piece. The idea of Aspens growing as a community made me think this was the perfect image for Earth Day. It shows that by growing together we have strength and power. Aspens are generally the first trees to recover after major fires or other natural events. The root system is interconnected given them a possibility of survival over other trees. It also speaks to the Science of Nature. This piece is busier than I normally work. I wanted it to send a message that "We Are All Connected", which is the title of this new work.

Happy Earth Day! Now go out in nature, National Parks free today and tomorrow.

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