Thursday, April 27, 2017

Art In The Streets

It is that time of year again, mural time! I am doing one again this year, not sure how many more years I will do these but for now, I am up for the challenge. I have one day, this Saturday, April 29th to complete approximately 8X8 foot canvas at Desert Ridge Market Place. I will be located near the entrance of the movie theaters. This should create a lot of foot traffic and interaction with people.

Last year in Tucson, they had some of us working on a canvas surface. This year all of the artist at Desert Ridge will work on the canvas surface. There are other artists at Tempe Marketplace that will be working directly on the street/sidewalk surface.

Why do I do this? Doesn't it bother you to just walk away after the work is done? When directly working on the street people ask: What if it rains? And it did last year. The answers are: Why? Because it is fun to push yourself to work really large when you generally work small. I don't do miniatures but small compare to 8X8 feet. Walking away? No, because if I were to sell a piece of art, I walk away from it and may never know where it ends up. Rain? Nature can be a beast, if it rains, we try to protect it, when it looks like just a shower. Working in pastel it will melt in the rain. Last year we got both, a little sprinkle, with the help of people walking by I got my piece covered. Later that day, it was a down pour and I did not go back to see the results...just walk away.

If you are in town come on by Desert Ridge Market Place and see what I am creating this year. It will have animals and no rain in the forecast. Here are a few pictures from past murals.

Mural on canvas in Tucson, AZ

Street mural at Desert Ridge

Desert mural

Two small murals before & after blue crabs for my MD F&F

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