Thursday, April 6, 2017

Art For Business

Making Art as and for business. I make art because it is what I was meant to do, no matter what other job I may have had, I have always created art. Art is now my business, showing, selling, teaching, creating murals, designing labels and what ever else presents itself.

While I was going for my master's degree one of my advising professors wanted me to focus on one thing, one style, one image...why? That same week I went to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. where a K├Ąthe Kollwitz exhibit was on display. She was a painter, printmaker and sculpture. Her prints were on different papers, and in different colored inks. Once I saw this show it opened a door for me, I did not need to pull large edition of prints. I did not have to just be a print maker.

I do have a general focus, things in nature. Which if you want to push the limit is pretty much everything. Which brings me to what I have been doing over the last few years. I make art to sell, either directly or via a business venue. People ask me if it is hard to let go of my work? If I do something that is special for myself I don't let it go but most of the time I just create. I have so many ideas and opportunities to create that it is wonderful to know that my art has found it's home. I love knowing where my art goes to live. Plus, by selling my work, it gives me more options to create something in that same series or move on to a new project.

This past week/weekend I have been working on a special project. Creating designs that will become labels for my friends Eric & Lori Rice. They are about to open their new tasting room for Willow Oaks craft cider and wine. This latest label won't be seen at the preview opening because the product is still in the works, slowly becoming hard cider as it sits in wood barrels aging to perfection...too much, nah. But, you can come see other works I created for the products that are ready for you to try. I will be there April 15th to help celebrate a collaboration of creativity. The business of art, the art of the label, the art of making cider and the art of nature.

Willow Oaks is located on the oldest organic farm in Maryland. The views alone are art.  A picture worth painting or photographing. I hope to see you there. How do I get there? Here is the web site for more information: http://www, and the address is: 6219 Harley Road, Middletown, MD  Time: 11:00 - 5:00 Date: April 15th Tax Day

"Golden Russets" just off the drawing board

Labels your can find at Willow Oaks

A hard cider like no other

Eric & Lori Rice

Eric barrel tasting the cider

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