Monday, April 17, 2017

Art for April

April is known for many things: spring is springing, flowers blooming, trees are going from flower to leave to fruit. All of these things are inspirational to me and make me think of Mother Earth. April is earth month, this week is featured as Earth Week and the 22nd is Earth Day!

This rest of this week I will focus on trees. If you are so inclined to learn how to draw trees, improve your drawing or painting of trees. Join me in mini workshops or plein air painting days the rest of April right through May. Wednesday and Thursday I will be work in and outside my studio. If you would like to stop by and join me just drop me an email at There is a small fee of $80 covering: Day 1 - focuse on form and structure. Day 2 - applying form & structure to your paintings.

Friday I will be at Boyce Thompson Arboretum painting trees from 10 - 2. There is a fee to enter the gardens if you are not a member. I plan to get there about 9 to do a walk-about and most likely will settle in around the eucalyptus trees.

Still working on some details, I may post an album of earth friendly art for sale on FB. Hope to do a little instruction blog on drawing trees and leaves. Lots of ideas, and as always I am a work in progress when it comes to getting it all organized.

"Twists & Turns" African Tree center drawn on cork paper, outer drawing on museum board. NFS

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