Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Art - And The Winners Are...

I was hoping to get this done yesterday but took a little longer to go through all the pictures and see who had "liked or loved" one of the images. I downloaded the Random Picker.com which worked out nicely. You copy and paste the names, it than puts them in a numerical grid format, hit the key to pick the winners and it pops up with first, second and third place. It will select what you put in, if you only want one winner or more. So, the winners were selected via computer. Bit you would like to know who they are and what they won wouldn't you???

Here goes:

Our third place winner is: Wayne Johnson, his prize the "sloth" hand pulled lithographic print, hand colored.

Second place winner is: Patricia Aster, her prize,the graphite barn owl, matted and ready to frame.

The First Place Winner is: Janet Smalley Yoest, "Ancient Mesquite" framed,  and ready to hang.

 I will confirm addresses with each of the winners and arrange to ship or deliver the art to you. Thank you to everyone who continues to support the arts and artists.

Coming soon: Flower Power - All About Trees - Whoo Saw That Bird

If you need to contact me, message me on Facebook or at lindahp@lindaharrisonparsons.com

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