Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Art And Nature

Did you know this week is National Wildlife Week in Canada? It ends this Saturday, along with National Environment Education week in the U.S.A. Next week, starting Sunday is National Parks Week, coming around the corner on April 22nd Earth Day. For me everyday is Earth Day, National Wildlife Day, talk about the Environment and National/State Parks Day/Week. I am there when ever I have the chance. I love talking art and nature. Even more I love drawing and painting things in nature. I believe in leaving nothing but footprints, take care of nature and she will take care of you.

In celebration of all things nature, Earth Week, I am planning a few things: April 19th & 20th join me at my studio to work on drawing trees.
Wednesday 9 - 11 structure, form, texture working in graphite or charcoal on paper.
Thursday 1 - 3 work in color, pastel and watercolor applying previous days lesson and dealing with changing shadows from morning to afternoon light.
Fee for both days just $80.00
Optional join me at Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park on Friday April 21st from 9:00 to 2:00 to paint trees, only fee is to enter the gardens $12.50 for direction and additional information check their web site:

If you would like to register for the tree workshop email me at:  or just come join me on Friday the 21st to draw/paint trees.

Accepting all credit cards, Pay Pal, checks and cash

"Palo" Mixed medium framed 15x19 image 7.5x11 Earth Month Special $300.00 includes tax & shipping within U.S.
"Bound Trees" Hand pulled lithography on 11X14 paper image approx. 8x9" $40.00 includes tax & shipping within U.S.

"Red Maple" Mixed medium 11x14 framed 9x12 image Earth Month Special $300 includes tax & shipping within U.S.

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