Friday, April 28, 2017

Arbor Day For All

April 28th is National Arbor Day! To find out more about trees, what is native in your area or how you can help preserve the importance of trees, here is a  web site just for you:

Anyone that reads my blog, goes to my web site, friends with me on FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter knows how passionate I am about trees. I won't go on long because you know these things and you can just go to the Arbor Day web site to find out how you can help. Trees, without them we would be lost, you lose air & food, trees are natures filtration system. The leaves as they fall create compose and enrich the soil. Trees are homes for birds, squirrels, and so many animals. Even people like being in tree houses. As a tree naturally dies it provides shelter and food for animals and insects.

Growing up I spent many a summer day up in a tree, even living in Washington, D.C. we had trees to climb. Today, in AZ, I will go out and walk and maybe sketch a few trees.

In honor of the trees, I am creating a Pop-Up Sale for the weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday these works will be on sale. A donation will be made to - Arbor Day Foundation. To see the full album with details find me on FaceBook at
There will Pop-Ups on Twitter and Instagram too. I accepted credit cards, you can pay via Pay Pal by going to paypalme/lindahp (there is a small fee that pay pal charges), checks or cash are good too! Just contact me either through FB messenger or at

In honor of Arbor Day " standing tall" 12x12 mixed medium
Arbor Day weekend special, unframed, this work has not been show in galleries yet.
 I am deducting what the gallery would take, plus I will cover shipping in the continental U.S.
and it's still tax month so I will pay the taxes. Cost: $450.00 

"Red Bud" 6x14.25 mixed medium
Same special as above gallery discount unframed
Cost: $228.00
"we are all connected" 6x14.25
Same deal Cost: $228.00

If you would like these pieces framed I will be happy to order a frame and assemble it for you.
This sale is open Friday April 28th Arbor Day at 9:00 a.m. AZ / Pacific Time 11:00 Central 12:00 EST
It will end Monday May 1st 9:00 a.m. AZ/Pacific Time ...

As Always Thank You For Supporting The Arts

Happy Arbor Day!

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