Friday, March 3, 2017

World Wildlife Day

March 3rd, is World Wildlife Day, a day set aside to protect endangered species,  animals and plants. Started in 1973 with the United Nations, making sure that we do not keep losing plants and animals to extinction at an alarming rate. There will be loss in this world but humans do not need to be the reason, we can do something about future losses. This years theme is "listen to  young voices". Get involved in a small way, educate your children about protecting wildlife and respecting nature. To find out more of what you can do throughout the year go to

I was going to  post a work in progress but I will leave that for tomorrow. Day 3 of 31-31 spring count down to art will be a elephant print. He is for sale and all of the proceeds will go to protecting wildlife.

approx. size 15X20" silicon intaglio hand pulled mono-print $50.00 includes shipping within U.S.A. donation will be made to David Sheldrick wildlife trust.

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