Thursday, March 23, 2017

What's A Quiver Tree

Last week I posted a couple Quiver Trees. I first discovered Quiver Trees in South Africa. They are the national plant of Namibia and are native to South Africa. They are in the Aloe family, Aloe dichotoma. They got the name from Bushman who use the branches to make quivers for their arrows. The Quiver tree is said to bring good luck to those that worship trees and nurture them.

There is much information on the worshiping of trees, nature, spirit of trees and the mythological stories. I tried to find some information on how or when the Quiver tree came to North America, especially AZ. The closest I can find is that as aloe plants became popular the whole aloe family of plants came to the S/W. They like the climate and thrive here in the desert. One day I hope to have a quiver tree in my yard. Until than here are some pictures of Quiver trees.

South Africa Quiver

Desert Botanical Gardens AZ Quiver

Quiver in bloom  - AZ

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