Sunday, March 19, 2017

Watching The Signs

A few weeks ago at the botanical gardens I saw a barrier protecting a small tree. That was a sign. I went up to the barrier, looked to see what might be hiding within. There near the top center branches, a hummingbird nest. Saturday, I checked on the nest and there was one baby. Mom was not on the nest, the baby had developed it's feathers and was hunger. Shortly, Mom returned to feed her baby. She left almost as fast as she came to find more food for her quick growing young one.

Sometimes we just need to be still. Watch  for the signs, follow our instincts. and act accordingly. I  waited for Mom to return. I did not invade the space but stood still, Mom came to me and then went on to feed her baby. I love these moments in nature.

Baby waiting for Mom

Baby testing it's wings, it won't be long now

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