Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring Count Down To - ART

March 1st, spring is in the air. This winter has been a little different. When it should be warm in AZ it has been warm in MD - VA - DC. Even in other parts of the country that are usually cold it has been unseasonably warm. AZ has had a fair amount of cool temps and rain this winter. Which as you have heard me say before, rain in the winter here means lots of beautiful wild flowers in the spring.

Speaking of wild flowers, starting this Saturday, March 4th, I will be plein air painting at the Desert Botanical Gardens, Galvin St., Phoenix, AZ from 9-3. I will be in one of two places. The Wild Flowers Path, hosting the new Butterfly House which is open or down by the Cottonwoods where the great horned owl lives.

For the month of March, my plan will be to post ART everyday. It may be a work in progress, something from the plein air paint out, an older work and there may be a POP-UP ART SALE somewhere in the mix. At the end of the month, there may be some prizes and surprises. If you "like" - "love" my work your name goes in a jar, if you purchase something this month you name goes in the jar twice, doubling your change of winning...something. So, this month of March will be kind of a 31 in 31 challenge for myself with benefits for you the viewer. I will put an album up on FB, share it on Twitter and Instagram may a few different works just to keep things interesting.

To start with here is my preliminary sketch of a barn owl that will be a pastel demo in Tucson on March 15th. I have broken the sketch down into steps for the upcoming workshop at Common Ground on the Hill at Westminster College, MD, in June. Here we go - Day 1 of Spring Count Down to ART.

Barn Owl graphite preliminary setch

Step by Step graphite sketch

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