Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Learning Curve

Still learning how to use the new layout for the blog. Took me a couple minutes to find how to write a new post. Saw this morning that is it World Water Day. The United Nations General Assembly designated March 22, 1993 as the beginning of International World Water Day. This is to bring forth the importance of water and our environment to our survival.

As I was looking for images to use in my post I realized I have included water in a fair amount of my prints. Today only these images will be for sale at $20.18 (3+22+1993= 20.18) plus partial shipping, I pay part you pay part and we will round it up to $30.00 for a hand pulled print. Descriptions of the technique will be listed under each print. Plus, there will be a bonus print on the FB 31-31 album.

How do you pay for these prints? You can pay by credit card on either the Square or Pay Pal. There is the old fashion way of check or cash too. To use Pay Pal just go to there are additional small fees to use Pay Pal. For credit card email me at or PM on FB and we will coordinate the sale.

To learn more about International Water Day or make a donation go to

"Save Our Oceans" silkscreen approx size 12X18" limited edition hand pulled print  
"Landscape II" hand pulled stone lithography limited edition approx. image size 9X11" 

"Reflections" hand pulled stone lithograph limited edition approx. image size 10X15"
"Blue Reflections" monoprint one of a kind approx. size 15X22"

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