Monday, March 27, 2017

In Search Of A Tree

I have already posted the finished piece for Day 26 of the 31-31 Challenge for March. Here is how the piece came to be created. On Saturday I walked around the Desert Botanical Gardens with camera in hand. Checking on the hummingbirds, the baby had fledged and the nest was empty. Cactus flowers are starting to bloom, wildflowers are plentiful and trees are in full color.

I try to have an idea before going to the garden as to what area I want to work in or subject matter I want to create. I had it narrowed down to 3 - long narrow landscape, long narrow tree or square format for birds. Since, the hummingbirds were gone, I started looking at landscapes and trees. Landscapes were not grabbing me, it became a search for a tree. I just wanted one tree.

I knew what I wanted to do for the background, some of which is purely happenstance. I wanted to use the water color crayons, spray them with water, followed by alcohol and allow them to do their thing. I know they are not alive but sometimes when you are creating you do become one with what you are doing, it is a part of you and how you create. A little deep for a Monday morning, so I will move on to the tree.

I took a break had lunch and while sitting in a nice shady spot saw a tree that might just work. I moved to another shady spot and started working on a quick pencil sketch. This will work. I pulled out the paper, got the background finished let it dry, which in the AZ sun does not take long. Using pens, and watercolor pencils to add the finishing touches. I will tell you that I did start the background in the studio knowing that I wanted the drip part to dry a little slower and allow it to run down. This part is a little messy and I don't want to leave drips of paint anywhere in the gardens. As usual it take take a little more than a day at the gardens but it was finished at the gardens.

Here are a few pictures from my morning walk-about along with the sketch and finished piece.

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