Monday, March 6, 2017

Hard At Art

This was a working weekend, I literally was hard at work doing art. Which was a very good thing. Saturday I spent my day at the Desert Botanical Gardens drawing one of my favorite mesquite trees. Sunday I drove up to Prescott for a opportunity to draw from a live great horned owl. It was a long day but with photo references and some intense sketching time, it made for a very motivational day.

Pictures are downloaded and ideas are flowing. Drawing from live animals presents it's own challenges. You do focus and work faster than you thought you could. Even though the bird was sitting on a perch, his head never stopped moving. He did change his body from time to time, fluffing out his wings, turning from one side to the other. As if to say okay now the rest of the class can see this side of me, as he continued to pose turning his head side to side than up and down.

I am preparing myself to teach a workshop the end of June at Common Ground on the Hill in Westminster, MD June 26th-30th. If you are interested in drwing from live raptors, check the web site under Traditions Week I.

Until than I plan to do more panting, sketching at the botanical gardens, maybe the zoo, of course my own back yard and using my photo references to do some finished works of owls, hawks, kestrels and even a few trees for them to sit upon.

Great Horned Owl feather

working on techniques

quick sketch

Working from live great horned owl

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