Monday, March 13, 2017

Colors Of The Moon

The last two nights Rick and I have sat out back to watch the full moon rise from behind the mountains. Once it starts it takes only 3 minutes to appear fully in the sky. How do I know this? Rick timed it. I did try to do a little video of it rising but I did not have my tripod, so deleted it as it was a bit shaky. I did get some nice photos of the moon. I kept playing with the setting to try to pick up the colors around the moon.

I did a little research this morning to see if I could find out more about the colors, rings around the moon. There are crystals that are up there in the sky, that refract light. The dust particles, also called diamond dust and pollution create variations in colors. The cooler colors are pushed away and the moon takes on warmer tones of red and yellows. The rings, sometimes called Moon Dogs or coronas, refract light within cirrus clouds and the ice crystals.

A little folklore, mythology: Rings around the moon means bad weather is coming. The cirrus clouds, low pressure equals a storm. The rings usually occurs 1 to 2 days before the storm. I think this may hold true for the east coast.

This full moon has tribal names: "Full Sap Moon" as this is the time when maple trees are tapped for sap/syrup. Other names are "Full Crusted Moon" for the hard crust of snow and "Worm Moon" for those area were the earth worm is making it's appearance.  

Here are a few moon shots.

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