Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Art Birds And You

Just recently finished a barn owl pastel using the reductive technique with a limited palette on a non traditional un-sanded paper. What does all that mean? You could come take my class "Birds in Art" at Common Ground on the Hill and find out. We will be using pastels, charcoal, pencils and optional materials such as: pen, ink, watercolor, possibly coffee staining. I have arranged with Bear Branch Nature Center and #Hashawha #Environment Center to have raptors for a day of drawing. If you have never drawn from live birds before, this is your opportunity. If you want to improve your drawing skills or just love birds and what to learn more, sign up before the class fills up.

The classes at #CGOTH are geared for all levels, beginner to advanced. The class is limited to 15, allowing lots of one on one instruction. The class is already beginning to fill up and it looks to be very exciting. If you want more details check out the web site  Traditions Week I Visual Arts "Birds in Art" or my web site to see some images of raptors created with pastels and mixed medium or you can email me directly at

The class is held at McDaniel College, Westminster, MD June 26-30th. You can stay on campus or commute. CGOTH offers meal plans, lots of classes in visual arts and music, evening concerts and so much more. Hope you can come join us and release your creativity!

I see you 

CGOTH pastel class 2016

McDaniel Campus

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