Friday, February 10, 2017

By The Light

Everyone knows I love a full moon but even more love that I have Great Horned Owls that come to my yard. The owls usually come pre-dawn and post sunset. Yesterday late afternoon, as the moon was rising and color was still in the sky, I heard him. The great horned owl was somewhere around the house. I grabbed my camera and went in search. I checked his favorite hangout the mesquite tree, not there. I checked the pine tree, the backyard fence, the ironwood tree out front and could not find him. I went back to the studio and continued framing. He started hooting again, back out I go, again, can not find him. It sounded like his hoots were getting farther away, so I went back to framing.

The love birds were making a fair amount of noise last night. They come back to the Saguaro cactus each night, sitting on top catching the last of the warm sun rays before turning in for the evening. I went out to check on them with my camera. Then I see a shadow in a tree in the front yard, it's the owl! I start taking photos, moving closer with each shot. He does not seem to have any concern for me, he is focus on something in the distance.

I decide, well, if he is not going to take off lets see how close we can get without disturbing him. I went up to the roof. We have a roof top patio and a flat roof, which makes it very nice to walk around on the roof. I slowly walked over and took a few more shots by the light of the moon. The sun was just going down behind the mountains so the owl was in back lighting. I changed my settings a few times but was happy with the photos I got. Yes, there will be more owl drawings coming soon. The little screech owl on wood panel looks at me every day I go in the studio, waiting for me to sit at the drawing table and just finish the job. Soon, very soon, than I can start a great horned owl.

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