Monday, February 27, 2017

Black and White

With a touch of red, green, blue...I keep finding black paper from an edition of prints created long ago. The ink on the prints creates little flecks of color when it is reduced to pulp. I did some experimenting with texture, worked with some pouring of pulp and embedded dried plants. Some of these will become books, some have ideas for pastels and some may stand alone.

The paper making  containers, blenders, screens, blotters and pulp are all packed away until next year or maybe later this year. The next workshop coming up is Suminagashi, floating ink on water for marbling and introduction to mono-type printing.

March 1st there will be lots going on but for today you will just have to wait one more day to see what March brings. And if you want to make handmade papers like these, you will just have to wait till next time or next year...we shall see which comes first.

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