Sunday, February 12, 2017

Backyard Inspiration

I believe that inspiration can come at any given moment in time. Sometimes just being in your backyard at sunrise. My little owl friend was again hooting away. He was on a mission, flying from one place to another. I did my usually taking morning sunrise photos. I went up on the rooftop patio and played around with some reflections in the canal of the mountains and sky.

As I looked up landing for a moment on the saguaro cactus was an American Kestrel and I got the picture. He does rate up there with my favorites. Small but powerful, as he landed all the other birds paid attention. The peach faced love birds that have taken over living in the cactus, just went back in and made not a sound.  Just like that he was gone.

I am hoping, pretty sure, that the workshop I am teaching in June at Common Ground on the Hill we will have an American Kestrel as one of the birds we will photograph and draw. Until then, here are the photos I got, and one of my drawings from a previous photo.

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