Thursday, February 9, 2017

As Fast As I Can

I am running as fast as I can, I am not where I want to be in terms of my studio being ready for the paper making workshop. I am close and as always I work well under pressure. This combining household, studio and having company slowed things down a little. About 98% of the boxes or containers have been unpacked. Most of the house is in order, my office was in pretty good shape but then we found more things that came to live in my office. Right now they are just in one of two piles, one on my desk, the other on the floor near shelves. Does being near shelves count?

Show applications have started popping up: The Historic Burwell-Morgan Mill show in VA is due, I can check that off the list, on-line application done. Next Mural Projects, I need to come up with a design to be submitted. Sad to say right now there is only one because of funding. I will propose one for the Phoenix/Scottsdale area  in the category of Animals. Any suggestions on what you might want to see me create this spring? There are more but need to go through the pile of papers on the desk to see what I need to address next.

In just a short time the opening to the Ironwood Gallery Pastel shows in Tucson, Feb. 18th from 1-5. There will be lots of art receptions between the Main Gallery and the newer extension gallery. Immediately following I will be doing a one day paper making workshop in Goodyear, AZ at Pebble Creek Art Community Center. We will pack it all up at the end of that day, Feb. 19th head back to Scottsdale and set paper making up in my studio: Feb. 20th - 26th from 10-2 each day. For additional information of fees and registration check my web site: or email me at:

Okay, that is enough for today. I kept wanting to write a blog but by the end of the day was too tired to remember what I was going to write about. Trying to get back to computer work in the morning and afternoon in the studio. Wish me luck!!!

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