Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Place For Everything

It has been a very busy 18-ish days. Rick and his brother Steve arrived with a truck full of household things, art both personal and studio bound plus office and art supplies. I think I unpacked the last hidden box yesterday. Hung some more art around the house, casita and in my studio. Most things have a place they will live in at least for a little while.

Next, I pulled out everything I need to do a paper making workshop in Goodyear, AZ on Sunday. Saturday we will be at the opening of the joint (AZ & Tucson societies) pastel show at the Ironwood Gallery in Tucson, AZ. Followed by Monday - Sunday my studio will be set up for paper making from 10-2 each day.

Monday, February 20th is Presidents Day: I will have the studio open for a free demonstration, anyone that wants to stop by and see how paper is created is welcome.  Art will be on display, and the demo's will be going on from 12:00 - 2:00. You can sign up to join me in paper making that week or for other classes coming up this spring. If you want more information check my web site: or you can email me at:

Little by little it is all coming together. Next clear off the drawing table again to get a sketch done for April mural project...

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