Sunday, January 1, 2017

Taking A Moment

Rick and I were talking about all the places and things we have done in 2016. As I was going through pictures trying to pick just one that represented that month. It became apparent that much of my memories are about the people I share them with.

January 2016: Rick & I going to Tucson Botanical Gardens discovering a Lego Sculpture exhibit.

February: Beccy & Wayne came to AZ, we took them to see the special light exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix. 

March:  my favorite month in AZ, especially sitting out back watching the sun rise or set.

April: Marilu, Denise and Tracy came for an adventure, we did the botanical gardens a couple time, went to Sedona, Cottonwood, Jerome and hit a few wineries along the way!

May: A trip to CO and made a new friend - Cheryl 

June: Last month in AZ for 2016, discovered a burrowing owl relocation program

July: A touching trip to N.Y. We will never forget.

August: At least once a year we get out to see our son John in Portland, OR. 

September: Back in Blacksburg, VA fall means football games, lots of company. Beccy and Wayne came for a game and a little family fun time. 

October: We took some time after a hurricane went up the coast to visit with Jed, Trudy, Ed and Tara at Surfside Beach S.C.

November: Continuing to go south, Debby and I were able to get some beach and botanical garden time together. Along with talking about future moves and art projects. 

December: Bringing our year to an end. The last two months held so many events it was hard to pick just one picture. I settled for the one of Rick & I on the train, We went from VA drove to MD, had a couple celebration parties along the way. Rick had a big birthday, he is on his way to retiring from teaching at VA Tech and sometime in this New Year we will sell our house in VA. This means we are full time residence of AZ. That of course does not mean we will not be back east, or for that matter, anywhere in this amazing country of ours. With a little planning, we may be in other parts of the world.

It was great fun looking back and remember all that we have done in a year! Here's to the next year of adventures, welcome 2017!

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