Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Studio Time

Calm before the chaos was running through my mind. The end of January all of our things from back east will arrive. While I have a few more days before having to unpack and re-organize pretty much the entire house and my studio, I am taking time to do some drawing. 

Here is what is on the drawing table. I have this series of screech owls in my head, My thought on images for my work is, if the image keeps coming back to me, then I need to make it so. 

I did the red screech owl in graphite on wood panel. Now, I am working on a gray screech owl in graphite on wood panel. There will be a third piece, which may actually have color but will be on wood panel. Still thinking that one through, maybe a oil based stain on wood with graphite. 

On the technical side, when I did the coffee staining on the wood panel, it did not take that well. Plus, it opened up the grain in the wood. I do not think I will do many more works on wood. Need to see what I have stored away or packed away. That we will deal with in February.

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