Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Seeing Things Through New Eyes

This passed year I have not been seeing as clearly as I could. I need new glasses and cataract surgery. With that coming up I will not do the 30-30 challenge or 21 Jump-start this year.

I will be organizing the studio, making my lists of shows to apply for and organization to join. This week is pre-op and ordering frames. A strange combo I admit but I do have several works done that need framing for upcoming shows. I even have a little owl piece close to done that was started in AL I think and will be finished in AZ. 

Over the next couple of months I may not have as much new art to post but then you never know what these eyes will see. There will always be photographs. Walks are coming into play and there aren't many times that I walk without some kind of camera. There are exceptions to that rule. missed some nice bird photos when we were in CA but got a few on a return visit.

As I get my new eyes in order, I look forward to a new year with new art, a new life style as Rick works his way into retirement and we move all of our things back east to our home in the west. Here are a few pictures that are calling to me to become a painting sometime in 2017.

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