Monday, January 23, 2017

Listening To Trees

There has been so much going on that I took a break from writing the blog. This past week, I have been re-organizing my studio and home in preparation for Rick's arriving with the remains of our house in VA. Combining two studios, two kitchens and additional furnishings is a bit of a challenge but doable.

While I was going through things I discovered books in my nightstand. Two of them were intertwined, the two books were marking pages. I believe in the power of books, reading and education. The titles of these two books: "TreeSpiritedWoman" by Colleen Baldrica and "Hunger Mountain" A Field Guide to Mind and Landscape by David Hinton.

I picked them up, keeping the pages marked, reading over them to see what secrets they held. Here are a couple of quotes.

"Silence is hard for many"...When one talks, much is missed. Before we begin, let us sit here and just listen to what is going on around us."...
"There is much one misses if time is not taken to hear and see one's surroundings."

"Hunger Mountain" 
"It sounds like a dream, and yet, what else are we? Society is a weave of relationships among individuals who each occupy a certain locus in that weave: parent and child, friend and friend, leader and people, merchant and customer." ..."Confucius(551-479 B.C.E.) described this network of relationships as "Ritual," thereby investing the texture of everyday social life with the numinous aspect of the sacred. " 

I am taking away from these two little books a few things: I need to re-read them both, maybe taking the "TreeSpiritedWoman" to the woods to read. Many years ago I did a project where I went into the woods with a recorder. I was to sit for 15 minutes and record the sounds. No drawing, no reading just sit and listen. The "Hunger Mountain" seemed to apply to all that has happened this past week in America. It may help me express my own thoughts to paper (real or virtual) as I write working out the "Ritual" in the weave of relationships.

Bringing this back to the drawing board. Trees, there is something special about trees. I always come back to them in my art. When I can not physically create, I draw in my head and when the image keeps coming back to me, it is meant to be developed.

So, I will go to the mountains, I will go to the forest, I will be still and then I will create words and paintings.

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