Thursday, January 12, 2017

In Case You Did Not Know

Tonight is a full moon - a wolf moon. With snow on the ground in many parts of the country the wolfs may be howling.

I think it interesting that a lone tree is called a wolf tree. As they have lost their leaves for the winter, these trees appear more alone. Wolf trees are trees that were left to start new forests, are the only tree in a field/pasture or may be the eldest tree at the edge of the woods. 

The theme for today is the wolf. I do have a pastel painting on handmade paper with a moon and wolf head. I am just not sure where it is at this time. I did get recent photo of a wolf while in Tucson. 

Depending on cloud cover there may be a new picture of the wolf moon. But for now here is a wolf moon from last year. Hope the moon is present for all those who would like to do a little howling tonight, of course we may hear a few coyote instead of wolf.

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