Monday, January 30, 2017

In Between

In between the unpacking and organizing I needed to take my work for the Tucson show to one of the members from AZ Pastel Artists Association, who would be doing the delivering. It was well coordinated with a Artist reception, demonstration by Teresa Saia and dropping off our work.

Teresa Saia's work is focused on landscapes in a colorful, layered, impressionist style. It is always good to go to demonstrations or take a workshop. You generally come away with at least one new thing, a reminder of things you may have forgotten and a little inspiration.

I did continue to do some unpacking in the studio and will do more today. It may take a few different times (months) to really organize the studio by medium. Until then, we will do what we can do and take that inspiration when it is presented.

"Wild West" screech owl pastel on coffee stained paper going to Ironwood Gallery, Tucson, AZ

Teresa Saia demo at AZ Pastel Artists Association, Phoenix, AZ

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