Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Artsy Business

The beginning of each new year I try to update web sites, resumes, get newsletter e-blasts out with shows and workshops. I am pretty much done with the web site, still need to do a little fine tuning here and there but that is something that is done all year long. If you have a few moments check out my site and revisit some works you may have seen posted on FB or Twitter. You may find a few works that you had not seen before. http://www.lindaharrisonparsons.com

Next on the list adding images to Artists For Conservation, hopefully that will be done over the next couple of days. I have updated my resume on my web site but need to update that in my computer too. As an artist you need to refresh your resume each year. It does become a challenge to create a one page resume which reflects current shows and past important events. I keep a longer resume and the one page for submitting to shows. 

Hope to have a newsletter type blast out this week too. Plus, I need to go through receipts and deposits to submit sale taxes. Then get all my expenses and income on a spread sheet for taxes to be submitted sometime in the near future. Oh, I do not love the business side of being an artist. 

Me at Capital Reef, Utah

Big Horn Ram - inspiration for this piece came from the Utah road trip

Capital Reef - oil on textured canvas  

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