Friday, May 19, 2017

Art Changes

Recently I removed the Wild at heART FaceBook Group. I am down to two links on FB, one is Linda Harrison-Parsons, regular everything page with friends, family, travel, art posts and misc. The second page is one that is set up as a business type page. I have not really utilized it as a business option. Over the next few months I am going to try to make this page work as an Art Page.

If you only want to know what is going on in my art world you can follow me on this page:  My plans include: art image posts, weekly works for sale, special pop-up art sales, instructional links, blogs, slide demonstrations and of course listings of shows/workshops.

I will continue to share art works, shows and workshop information to both pages. But, I will keep the tutorials on the business page. You are always welcome to share my images and information. I do ask you respect copyright laws and do not print, for sale, my images. I prefer you not use my images for your FB page headers. Yes, these things do happen. If you like a photo I have posted and ask to use it as a reference you have a pretty good chance of me saying, of course. I just ask that I am credited for the reference. I love sharing art, talking about art and being able to continue to make art. Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you and for supporting the Arts.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

A Good Week For Art

This year has had a few challenges in getting into my studio. Sometimes you just have to take it outside the studio. I am very lucky to be able to sit in my backyard and make art. In the afternoons it is nice and shady, even light, I bring my easel or just a drawing board outback.

This week, the weather in Arizona has been exceptionally beautiful for May. I started Sunday afternoon, relaxing and working on a bird demonstration piece. Which by the way is finished. I will not post the step by steps as these drawings are reserved for the students that signed up for the class end of June at Common Ground on The Hill. I will post the finished piece. If you want to take a workshop or private lesson to improve your drawing skills, learn to draw animals or things in nature just let me know. 

I have some of the submissions done still one more piece I would like to finish to include in the last application. It was a piece I did last year, a Bobcat but I did not like the background. In addition it needed more contrast. It is back on the easel and hope to finish it this week. With a little luck I will be able to start one more demonstration piece for my workshop on drawing the whole bird sitting on a branch. That piece will be on toned paper but still with a limited color palette.

All in all, it has been a pretty productive week. I am hoping next week will bring the same level of productivity. Deadline are very near, no time to waste.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Inspiration For Art Is...

...the preparation. I research my subjects, take lots of photos to document the details, do preliminary and thumbnails sketches to work out composition. All of these before I even think about starting the actual piece of art work.

I am not a spontaneous artist. I do like the unknown that occurs with doing the semi-abstract yet realistic tree pieces. Even with these pieces, I plan what type of paper to use, some work better than others. I clear an area to work, spraying water & alcohol can ruin pastels. These pieces need time to dry before applying the trees. Even the coffee stained papers have to dry before letting me know what forms will appear.

I really try to be organized in my own chaotic way. Sometimes it takes a day of just doing paper work, filling out applications, creating photo files and noting it on calendars. Yes, more than one calendar. The on line calendar is fine for day to day but having a paper calendar with the month in front of you helps with those deadlines that are coming up way too fast.

Starting to feel a little less frazzled. I still have a couple more applications that need to be submitted. I am still preparing for June's workshop and I still have a pastel on the easel that I hope to have done this week. Along with some pencil sketches for slide presentation. I have my lists and am trying to pull things together. Soon there will be piles, things for the workshop, stack of art work for display at Rice Gallery, couple new pieces to go to Matrix Gallery in VA and some new works that will be on display in July at Willow Oaks in MD.

Just a few things going on and I am hoping my inspiration keeps coming with all this preparation!
What's on the easel this week

Waiting to be framed

Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother Nature In Art

My Mothers Day was geared around nature and art. Rick & I hiked parts of Tonto National Forest. We did find some of the Salt River Wild Horses, saw herons, egrets, cormorants, and lots of other small birds. There were interesting trees, which yes I took pictures of roots, bark and made notes for future drawings/paintings. This was just our morning.

The afternoon I spent working on some preparatory drawings for the upcoming Birds In Art workshop at Common Ground on The Hill. To wrap up the day sitting outback I saw a bald eagle fly along my fence line. With the speed he was going he had to have been hunting.

Just to make a lovely day a beautiful evening, we watched the sunset. It was a very inspirational day.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Gift Of Time

Mother's Day is Sunday. yet I have already received so many gifts this week. One of which was the gift of time. I started a great horned owl as a demonstration piece in Sedona on April 24th. I have several shows with deadline coming up very soon. My intent was to have the owl piece done to submit this month. It may be done, I will look at it again tomorrow and adjust highlights or shadows as needed. Without the gift of time this week it may not have reached completion.

Thank you, Rick for the time to work, for all your help, support and the title for this new piece.

Here is "On The Lookout" pastel 12X24" on Rives BFK coffee stained paper. Next week framing.

May 13, 2017

April 24, 2017

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Art In Five

You can create a little drawing in 5 minutes, in 5 seconds you can do a quick study. One of the statements I heard a lot, especially while doing the public murals projects is: I can't draw a straight line. My usual response, well neither can I. Which is followed by it is rare to find straight lines in natures and most of my work is based in nature.

I talk to people of all ages about drawing. I tell them it is like anything else to be good at something you must practice. If you play a musical instrument you practice to get better, why wouldn't you do this in the visual arts? If you want to be a lawyer, you read, you study, you practice your craft. What ever your talents, to be good at them, you repeat, you learn from mistakes and you practice.  Okay off my soap box.

The whole point to this is, to improve your drawing skills, if you draw just 5 seconds to 5 minutes each day you will get better. These little drawings do not have to be pretty. They can be your morning coffee mug, the view out your window, the person sitting across from you on a bus, train, in a coffee shop, or the spring flowers. I try to always have a little sketchbook with me, I have a few that are 3X4" I have one as small as 1.5X2".

I am posting a few of my quick sketches, done of which took more than a few minutes. They are all very small sketches. The idea of the gesture drawings (scribbles) is to look at the whole form, note the large shapes, and do not worry about the details. Contour drawings deal with the outline, the edge shape, cross-contour, takes that outside line and crossing through the shape. I tend to combine the gesture and cross contour in my 5 second sketches. I look at the geometry: triangles, circles, ovals, squares or rectangles that make up a object. Once those big shapes are established, I look at light and dark areas, which develops form, dimension and details.

Give it a try, take 5 seconds each day...maybe during commercials instead of looking at your phone you try a sketch. Give it a month, let me know if you see, feel a change. Enjoy!

Five minutes at the Reid Zoo 
Five minutes flower on table at breakfast. Five second sketches dance recital.

30 to 60 second poses for drawing event at a museum.

Under 5 minutes, Rick reading.

Five seconds, big shapes, triangles in head, oval for body, and rectangle for tail.

Five minute sketch filling in the shapes, establishing some details.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Art Of Flowers

National Iris Day, May 8th, a celebration of this one flower. I have read that this national day may have begun in Japan. The iris does have special meanings, it is a symbol for creativity, great power and good news. The Greek origins of the word iris comes from the goddess of rainbows.

I do not create a lot of flower paintings. I did do a iris painting in college but have not found that image yet. I do have photographs from my garden in MD. Iris flowers always remind me of my Mother. So, with Mother's Day coming up, here are blue iris.

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Special Art for National Small Business Week

Today is the last day for #National #Small #Business Week. There will be other #SmallBusiness events before the year ends and I will hopefully have some special deals on #Art!

This week has been one of those weeks when lots of appointments got in the way of being in the studio for any length of time. I was determined to get something finished. 

Brand New hot off the drawing board...another owl! This is a #Great #Horned #Owl. Working with the watercolor crayons and pens to create this mixed medium piece. He is 6X9" image, adding mat and frame to approximately 11X14 (outer edge 14X17). Cost $324.00+tax/shipping $50.00 total $374.00.

Today's Special Deal: Little Sparrow, pastel and charcoal 6.5X10.5 image, framed to 9X13. Priced $275.00+ just $25.00 for shipping and I will cover taxes. Extra bonus a gift certificate at the bottom of the blog - good today only! Original Price on sparrow $360.00.

You still have time to purchase something and have it shipped for Mother's Day! You can message me on FB or email be at: or check my web site for shows and galleries that are currently have work on display.

Thank you for supporting the ARTS!

May 6th Special: Little Sparrow

Newest Work: Great Horned Owl 

This gift certificate can be used towards original paintings, pastels, charcoals or Mixed Medium works.

Friday, May 5, 2017

In Art The Eyes Have It

I had planned to have a little Power Point on birds eyes yet it has somehow disappeared off my computer. I will be working on some new step by step instructional blogs soon. In June I am teaching a workshop on drawing birds. One comment I get about my work is how the eyes pull you into the piece. Eyes are important to me, especially in animals who don't have our words to tell us what they are thinking. With their eyes they can help us understand emotions.

Here are a few samples of birds eyes. If you would like more information on private lessons or workshops please check my web site or email me with questions at:

Thank you for supporting the arts. For today's Art for Sale Special check the FB page under the May Day Small Business Album.

Barn Owl pastel

Screech Owl pastel

Great Blue Heron colored pencil mixed medium

Great Horned Owl mixed medium

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Art Is For Giving

Continuing with #SmallBusiness week I have more specials to offer. Many of you took part in my print and original art sales last year, as I was cleaning out my studio to move to AZ. Well, I still have some of those prints in my portfolio and flat files.

Some of these prints are the last one's I have to offer, some are mono-prints. Which means they have been altered and are one of a kind prints. There are a few that I had made large editions of because that was what was expected in print making - but lately discovered the beauty of the small print edition.

These are on sale this week along with a special gift certificate at the end of this blog. There is still plenty of time to purchase a print for Mother's Day, Graduation, special birthday or anniversary. Maybe even bridal shower, gift for your bridesmaids or wedding gift.

Think Art - give a little something creative this year and remember to support small businesses.

You can find more prints on the May Album on FB. To purchase a print you can message me on FB or email me at I accept credit, debit, pay pal, checks and cash.

Thank you for supporting the ARTS!

tree series linoleum cut on handmade paper, embedded in black handmade paper approx. size 5x8
 $20 plus $10 for taxes and shipping*

Bound Trees, stone lithograph, two color drop, printed on Rives BFK paper size 11X14
$30 plus $10 for taxes and shipping*

reflections series reverse linoleum cut, printed as if it were an etching, monoprint, one of a kind, approx. size 5x22
 $75 plus $20 taxes and shipping*

Whales Tails series stone lithograph on Rives BFK paper size 11x14 paper, image 8x11
$30 plus $10 taxes and shipping*

Silence Speaks lithograph with hand coloring paper size 11x14
$30 plus $10 taxes and shipping*

* If I do not need to ship the works to you reduce the fee to just 3.00 to cover sales tax.
Special gift certificate just for those that read the blog!
Note: All of these prints are unframed. If you wish to add a simple white mat for a fee of $10 just let me know. I can mat most works to go into a standard size frame.

The Gift Certificate is only good through #SmallBusiness week! Receive $5.00 off of original hand pulled print.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Art - Subject To Change

When is it done? The question many artists ask themselves. Generally, I think it is done when it is in a frame. Sometimes, it is only done when it is sold. I put works that are 99% finished on an easel and walk away from them for at least a day. The next time I see the work, it is with fresh eyes.

This is when the art is subject to change. It might need a little more contrast or maybe a highlight. Which is what I worked on sitting in the backyard with the hummingbirds. I adjust little things and hope I do not make it worse.

Once I am happy with the final piece, I might check with friends and family to get their thoughts. Than on to ordering frames. Before framing the piece I try to remember to take a good picture with my 35mm camera and not just the phone. Next if the piece has not been created for a specific show, I check to see what shows are coming up and would this piece be a possibility for that show. You never know if you will get into a show or be accepted into juried groups. A bit of good news I received notice that I have been accepted into the International Guild of Realism (IGOR). I will start submitting works to be included in these shows as soon as mid-May. Plus, there are some great opportunities coming up with the Artists For Conservation. It is becoming a very busy spring.

Here are a few before and after works of art. I think they are ready for shows and to sell.

Added weight to the bottom creates interest to the top
Too Busy

Separated the tree from the mountains

Too Crowed at the bottom

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Small Business Art Specials

This week I am focusing on small business. I love what I do, making art is a necessary part of my being. To keep making art, I need to sell art and make room for the new works. Plus, it helps to pay for more supplies. For most artists you can never have too many supplies. Many pastel artists believe you can never have too many colors. Who am I to argue, my love seems to be paper. Which is why I like to make paper but that is for another blog.

This week, I will have some special gift certificates posted on the blog. If you read my blog you can take advantage of these discounts. There will be three and they are only good for this week. The offers expire May 7th, 2017.

If you have had your eye on a piece from previous posts, from albums on FB or maybe from the 30-30 challenge, now is the time to make that purchase. The May Album will have some newer works, along with some hand pulled prints from yester-year.

I accept credit, debit, pay pal, checks and cash. If you would like to set up a payment plan that too is an option. There are always options in life, sometimes you just have to ask.

Contact me via messenger on FB or email me at:

Here are a few more works for your selection.

Grest Blue Heron mixed medium, silicon intaglio base, hand colored embedded in hand made paper image approx. 8.5x11" unframed $300.00

Barn Owl, mixed medium, matted & framed to 8X18" $300.00

Gift Certificate good through May 6th, 2017 $20.00 off original painting, mixed medium, pastel or oil.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Art for May

May 1st - #May Day but also #Small #Business Week. May Day is packed full of overlapping holidays, festivals and history. It seems to me to be appropriate that this is also Small Business Week. Why you ask??? Good question.

May 1, 1886 was the date that over 300,000 workers walk out on their jobs in over 13,000 businesses within the U.S. A. They were fighting for an 8 hour work day along with better benefits. For interesting read you might want to re-visit Upton Sinclair's The Jungle.

This date is know for political protests, labor organizing and makes sense that Small Businesses have this week to celebrate. May 1st is also filled with flowers, thoughts of spring, with a few pagan festivals of fertility, and bonfires just for good measure.

I am a very small business, a sole proprietor, which means I do it all: make the art, promote the art, frame the art and sell the art. There was a time when I did large murals and faux finish techniques, hiring other artists to assist me in these projects. This got to the point of being so large that I had to make the choice hire artists to do the work and I just run the show. That did not sound like fun, so down sizing it was, I literally eliminated my job. Not as bad as it sounds. I just chose to focus on my own art and selling what I created. I will still do commissions and the street mural projects. The street murals are a way of educating the public, interacting with kids that love art and doing a bit of PR for my own business. The business of selling art and teaching art.

This May Day Here are some sunny flowers to help you though the week! There will be more posted in an Album on FB and listing on other social media. If you would like to purchase my art just email me at or message me on FB.

Thank you for supporting Small Businesses and the arts!

"start to finish" 7X10" image matted to 11X14" mixed medium, unframed $320 framed 14X17" $420

linda hp street #mural on canvas, #Desert Ridge Marketplace


Friday, April 28, 2017

Arbor Day For All

April 28th is National Arbor Day! To find out more about trees, what is native in your area or how you can help preserve the importance of trees, here is a  web site just for you:

Anyone that reads my blog, goes to my web site, friends with me on FB, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter knows how passionate I am about trees. I won't go on long because you know these things and you can just go to the Arbor Day web site to find out how you can help. Trees, without them we would be lost, you lose air & food, trees are natures filtration system. The leaves as they fall create compose and enrich the soil. Trees are homes for birds, squirrels, and so many animals. Even people like being in tree houses. As a tree naturally dies it provides shelter and food for animals and insects.

Growing up I spent many a summer day up in a tree, even living in Washington, D.C. we had trees to climb. Today, in AZ, I will go out and walk and maybe sketch a few trees.

In honor of the trees, I am creating a Pop-Up Sale for the weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday these works will be on sale. A donation will be made to - Arbor Day Foundation. To see the full album with details find me on FaceBook at
There will Pop-Ups on Twitter and Instagram too. I accepted credit cards, you can pay via Pay Pal by going to paypalme/lindahp (there is a small fee that pay pal charges), checks or cash are good too! Just contact me either through FB messenger or at

In honor of Arbor Day " standing tall" 12x12 mixed medium
Arbor Day weekend special, unframed, this work has not been show in galleries yet.
 I am deducting what the gallery would take, plus I will cover shipping in the continental U.S.
and it's still tax month so I will pay the taxes. Cost: $450.00 

"Red Bud" 6x14.25 mixed medium
Same special as above gallery discount unframed
Cost: $228.00
"we are all connected" 6x14.25
Same deal Cost: $228.00

If you would like these pieces framed I will be happy to order a frame and assemble it for you.
This sale is open Friday April 28th Arbor Day at 9:00 a.m. AZ / Pacific Time 11:00 Central 12:00 EST
It will end Monday May 1st 9:00 a.m. AZ/Pacific Time ...

As Always Thank You For Supporting The Arts

Happy Arbor Day!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Art In The Streets

It is that time of year again, mural time! I am doing one again this year, not sure how many more years I will do these but for now, I am up for the challenge. I have one day, this Saturday, April 29th to complete approximately 8X8 foot canvas at Desert Ridge Market Place. I will be located near the entrance of the movie theaters. This should create a lot of foot traffic and interaction with people.

Last year in Tucson, they had some of us working on a canvas surface. This year all of the artist at Desert Ridge will work on the canvas surface. There are other artists at Tempe Marketplace that will be working directly on the street/sidewalk surface.

Why do I do this? Doesn't it bother you to just walk away after the work is done? When directly working on the street people ask: What if it rains? And it did last year. The answers are: Why? Because it is fun to push yourself to work really large when you generally work small. I don't do miniatures but small compare to 8X8 feet. Walking away? No, because if I were to sell a piece of art, I walk away from it and may never know where it ends up. Rain? Nature can be a beast, if it rains, we try to protect it, when it looks like just a shower. Working in pastel it will melt in the rain. Last year we got both, a little sprinkle, with the help of people walking by I got my piece covered. Later that day, it was a down pour and I did not go back to see the results...just walk away.

If you are in town come on by Desert Ridge Market Place and see what I am creating this year. It will have animals and no rain in the forecast. Here are a few pictures from past murals.

Mural on canvas in Tucson, AZ

Street mural at Desert Ridge

Desert mural

Two small murals before & after blue crabs for my MD F&F

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Square Art

I have heard that it's hip to be square. I know pushing it again, but, thought I would try one of the tree pieces as a square format. It is 12" by 12" on hot press water color paper ( a smooth surface vs. a rough one).

Here it is what do you think?

Art Changes

Recently I removed the Wild at heART FaceBook Group. I am down to two links on FB, one is Linda Harrison-Parsons, regular everything page wi...