Monday, December 5, 2016

Whoo Are You

Who would have thought I would be known for owls? I have always geared my work towards nature. My love of trees goes back to childhood and climbing trees. I was a Tom-boy, I could climb a tree better than any boy I knew. I would hang out at the top of a tree and watch the world go by.

In the tops of trees is where you will find eagles, hawks and owls. They like the vantage point for hunting and building theirs nests. I have been very lucky over the years, seeing wild birds. One of the things I love about my backyard in AZ is the great horned owls that come to visit. We have a tall mesquite that the owls land on top of, early predawn and evening dusk. When you sit and listen, you will be part of their conversation. They call to each other. Owls are not known for hunting together but family groups have formed in my area and I am guessing it is parents checking in with their children. Or at least that is what I like to think.

I have gotten some good reference photos in the wild, at rescue and rehab centers. Animals are hard to draw them from life. I do use reference sketching for location, movement and notes on color. Most of my works come from my photos, on occasion I ask permission to use another persons photograph. When I do use another persons photo and sell the work I like to make a donation or pay a finders fee. The Bengal Eagle Owl is one of those images that is not mine. So, if this painting were to sell you would be helping the Trabolgan Birds of Prey Center.

Here are a few owl images for this fine Monday morning.

"Bengal Eagle Owl" 8X10 oil on canvas panel unframed was $400.00 ART Off The Wall sale $200+S&H

"Tyto Alba"Barn Owl image 4.5X6.5 matted and framed to 11X13 was $150.00 ART Off The Wall sale $100,00+S&H

"Untitled" screech owl 10X10 graphite, colored pencil with coffee stain on cradled wood panel un-framed, Gallery pricing $500.00 new piece. ART Off The Wall sale limited time for this discount $400,00+S&H.

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