Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Two For Tuesday

It feels like I have been packing for the last month. I again want to thank everyone who has been taking part in the ART Off The Wall sales in November into December. Continuing for the rest of this week, there will be special deals on my art. The sale ends this Sunday, December 11th and everything will be shipped by December 13th or delivered to you between 16th - 20th for MD friends.

Today is Tuesday so thought let's do Two For Tuesday Sale. I still have hand pulled prints, some there are only one left, others there are a few but the inventory is going down. I will put together a album on Facebook today and you can pick any two prints for $35.00+S&H. Kind of an on-line POP-UP Print Sale.

For anyone local, if you want to come by I will be working at the house all day.



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