Friday, December 2, 2016

The More The Merrier???

I guess the more the merrier is a good thing when it comes to art. As usual when you are packing to move, especially, moving art, you find more then you remember having. Over the last several years, I have been moving art back and forth between VA and AZ. Yesterday, I discovered a few more prints that I did not know I had.

I have over the years, keep the step by step process of a print, the first proof, 2nd proof, to the final proof or bon a tier (ready to print). The artist often pulls a percentage of prints under  A/P artist proofs. These prints are kept by the artist, given as gifts, sold to special collectors. Then the true edition is pulled, a limited number of these prints can be used to Tint or PINX (latin, to paint) hand color. The edition is numbered, titled and signed by the artist. I have tried to keep at least one copy of any print that I have pulled. Some of the proofs are pretty boring so not going to post them but here are a few extras that I found and will post a new one each day on the ART Off The Wall Album on FB.

Have I mentioned that I post a different image some prints, some pastels or other originals on Instagram that I don't share. I don't get one posted everyday but try to get something up a couple times a week.

Finding these little treasurers has made packing a little more fun.

Glen Echo Park, MD, hand pull lithograph, edition pulled on variety of linen papers $30+S&H 

Glen Echo Park, MD hand pulled lithograph, hand colored Rives BFK paper $40.00+S&H

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