Thursday, December 1, 2016

Take It Easy

I am trying to take it easy, trying to remember to breathe and find peace in each day. This is the time of year to be joyful but it is also stressful for many. Many of you know we will be moving to AZ full time in January. There is much to do and plan. As I pack for the move, I am planning for what comes next art-wise. What shows do I need to prepare for, what supplies do I need to ship verses pack and wait to arrive later in January.

My art is not only my business, it is part of who I am, many artist experience the need to create. When I can't get into the studio to make new art, especially around holidays (definition: a special day of celebration) I cook or bake. Sometimes that is not enough to fill the need to make art. The act of drawing is a mental release. Allowing me to forget everything else for that moment I am in the flow of creating. I know I am a bit heavy-duty this morning. I have a few things on my mind thinking of friends, family and what next year will bring.

Today, I will focus on the packing and the preparation for First Friday Art Walk in Blacksburg, VA. I am looking forward to teaching a FREE - pastel "make and take" event Friday at The Artful Lawyer, 318 N. Main St., Blacksburg, VA. I have work hanging on their gallery walls, the workshop will be held in that room. I will bring some extra prints, maybe some unframed original pastels that will be available for purchase. Who knows there may even be a free piece of art for those that come by or participate in the "make and take". You could go away with your own art creation and a work of mine. All for just showing up to enjoy the evening events. The workshop is from 6-7, the tree lighting takes place at 5:30.

As you are walking around, stop by the Matrix Gallery, 115 N. Main St. I have handmade books, prints and some trees from the October show Tree Songs. There are lots of wonderful things to be found at this gallery, pottery, wood works, glass works and jewelry. Tell Lana, I sent you!

I will continue to post a new picture in the ART Off The Wall FB album till Dec. 11th. I will ship any purchased works through Dec. 12th. If you find a piece you love let me know early. Plus, a little bonus, there will be a holiday show at Anne Gibson Snyders, Catapetl Gallery, Hollow Rd., Middletown/Frederick, MD Dec. 18th - more info on this later.

"Make and Take" workshop at The Artful Lawyer

Art on display at The Artful Lawyer
Matrix Gallery

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