Friday, December 9, 2016

Original Art

Straight out of Merriam-Webster Dictionary (on-line) here are some definitions of the word original.

"Definition of original
1. archaic :  the source or cause from which something arises; specifically :  originator
2. a :  that from which a copy, reproduction, or translation is made
    b :  a work composed firsthand
3. a :  a person of fresh initiative or inventive capacity
    b :  a unique or eccentric person"

I have been speaking on hand pulled prints over the last month and a half. Thought, I should address what is an original. Prints can be originals. Hand pulled stone lithographs are original prints. Once the edition of prints is pulled the stone is ground to a smooth flat surface and used again for a new image.

When a monoprint or monotype is created these are one of a kind (mono-one) original prints. A monoprint comes from a matrix, a repeatable design but by using different types of paper, handcoloring (pinx) or mixing with other mediums the print stands alone as an original.

Original works of art are thought of as paintings. A charcoal sketch, graphite drawing are original works of art. I thought it interesting that one of the definitions states: "that from which a copy, reproduction, or translation is made", This sounds as if originals are meant to be copied. The copyright laws help to prevent the coping of newer originals. I am only addressing visual arts, this can apply to so many art forms, music, or books.

As the end of the year is approaching and the end is in site for this art sale-a-thon, only three days left. I leave you with some one of a kind, original monotypes and monoprints.

"Queens Lace" monoprint from collagraph plate 20X30 unframed $75+S&H

"Trio" monotype 22X30" created with watercolor crayons on Plexiglas transferred by press to Rives BFK paper $75+S&H 

"Give Me A Hand" monotype mixed medium 22X30
created with the help of students. They used the cut out hands to make their own prints.
I incorporated the used hands onto a monotype background. $75+ additional shipping cost, may need to ship flat. 

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