Saturday, December 10, 2016

Not The Last

Day 41 ART Off The Wall, this will be the last image for this fall sale. With a little luck there will be future art images, adventures, shows and sales. One of the hardest things to do during this time was remembering what images were in what albums.

I was surprised at how much art I have here in VA. Over the years I have seen the changes in my subject matter and style. I have been drawing trees since, well, since I picked up a pencil. I started doing prints as a way to share more art and keep some of those images that I wasn't willing to part. Many, most of my subjects are memories of places and things I have seen. They often have special stories. If you have a work of mine and you wonder about the story let me know and I will be happy to share.

I hope you have enjoyed viewing my retrospective of prints. This last 41 days of art spans almost that many years...well maybe 30 years. Looking forward to sharing new art and maybe there will be future POP-Up sales, until then.

"sycamore" silicon intaglio on rice paper un-matted un-framed 11X14 $25+S&H

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