Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My Life In 20 Boxes

Taking a break from packing. We have a little mud room in our current house. It has become the box room. As, I fill up boxes they go there till it is time for them to get shipped to AZ. Even though we are moving to AZ, we will of course be back east for many reasons: visit family, friends, art shows, workshops and Virginia Tech football.

In the midst of all the packing, I am still getting work ready for shows. More details tomorrow but I made some new books for a holiday event in Maryland. Plus, bringing work up to those that purchased during the ART Off The Walls sale. There may be some additional work coming up for friends to look at and when Willow Oaks Craft Cider and Winery has their Grand Opening in 2017, some of my work will grace the walls.

Even in all this craziness, I am trying to keep some of that creative spirit going. I think keeping busy helps not to think about all the changes we are about to explore. There are adventures coming very soon. Keep an eye on the blog and FB for daily or weekly travel posts.

Until then here is a photo of the box room, which by the way is already fuller than this picture.

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