Saturday, December 10, 2016

Empty Rooms

The house is looking a little empty, even the sounds are different. More places to create echos. My drawing room is almost a reading room. Big recliner coming up to fill in some space. The spare room that was my framing space will again become a guest bedroom.

My supplies are packed and ready to go - on a truck, not a jet plane but it still has the same sad kind of feeling. I am still trying to do a little work here and there, mostly last minute framing. But, even that has come to it's end this week, all that could be framed is framed. No more framing till I arrive in AZ.

There are still a few more art adventures going on, holiday show coming up in MD. Closing in on the last of the ART Off The Wall sale. Check the album on FB for Day 40.

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